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Custom outdoors: furniture and design to get the most out of your home

Custom outdoors: furniture and design to get the most out of your home
Creating a cosy, well-maintained outdoor space is essential if you want to fully enjoy your surroundings without sacrificing comfort. Turning your outdoor space into an oasis of relaxation allows you to enjoy unforgettable moments in the open air, making every day an extraordinary experience. In this article we’ll briefly show you how to furnish your Pergotenda® or bioclimatic pergola to get the most out of your outdoor space.

Furnishing a pergola means creating a space that reflects your personal taste and adapts to your needs. Different styles and occasions require attention in the choice of furniture, decorative accessories and lighting. Here are some examples:
Classic style
For a timeless, elegant look, opt for fine wood furnishings, refined fabrics and sophisticated details. Add furnishing accessories such as flower vases, scented candles and soft cushions to create a cosy, elegant ambiance.

Modern style
Choose clean lines and contemporary materials such as aluminium and steel. Use neutral or bright colours to add personality to your space, and complete the décor with minimalist objects and LED lights for a designer atmosphere.

Boho-chic style
Create a relaxed, informal mood with rattan or woven wicker furniture. Choose light, colourful fabrics such as ethnic rugs and cushions with tribal patterns. Add lanterns, hammocks and plants for a bohemian touch.
In addition to furniture and accessories, lighting plays a crucial role in outdoor spaces. Use soft lighting and candles to create a romantic vibe during evenings, or opt for LED lights integrated into the structure for a practical solution with an alluring design.
But a well-designed décor isn’t enough on its own, it’s the choice of outdoor structure that makes the difference. Relying on experienced professionals makes it possible to find the most suitable solution for your space and needs. Corradi Pergotenda® and bioclimatic pergolas offer not only comfort and protection from the weather, but also a high quality design that blends harmoniously with its surroundings thanks to countless possibilities for customisation.
Furnishing your outdoor space with care and attention to detail allows you to create a cosy, functional environment where you can enjoy special moments in the company of family and friends. Be inspired by Corradi solutions and transform your outdoor space into a unique place where every moment becomes an unforgettable experience.

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