The recipe for happiness: barbecues, friends and the outdoors.

The recipe for happiness: barbecues, friends and the outdoors.
With the arrival of the warm weather, there are more and more occasions in which we can enjoy the outdoors in the company of family and friends. Having a corner equipped to exploit the full potential of your garden, patio, terrace or balcony becomes essential to fully enjoy every social gathering. Between dinners, lunches and picnics, the barbecue is the king of the party, the centrepiece of your relaxing moments in contact with nature.

Smouldering grills, inviting aromas to make neighbours envious always create a unique atmosphere, where the outdoors becomes theatre and a space for sharing, contributing to a pleasant and cosy atmosphere.

Bioclimatic pergolas, Pergotenda® and sun sails can provide protection from the summer sun and evening breezes and accommodate tables and living areas for outdoor dining. The kitchen moves outdoors and brings with it all the comforts of home, reimagined for the outdoors.

In order to create a barbecue area in the garden, it is important to take a few basic precautions:

• First of all, it will be necessary to find a place to eat, suitably shielded from the sun, or from the humidity of the evening: an area protected by a pergola or a sail, for example.

• Choose carefully where you will position your barbecue. Make sure it is kept away from flammable structures, such as trees or dry shrubs, and that it is well ventilated. Also consider the comfort of guests by placing the barbecue in an easily accessible area and not far from the dining area.

• Leave room for the barbecue utensils, plates, cutlery and other accessories you will need for cooking. You can add a shelf or storage area to ensure that everything is at hand when preparing meals.

• The barbecue area will need to have good ventilation to prevent smoke and heat from spreading uncomfortably to diners, but above all it will be important to follow certain safety precautions, such as the presence of a hood and a fire extinguisher or water source in the vicinity of the fire.

By following these little tips, you can create your very own BBQ corner and enjoy your outdoor space to the full, in the company of friends and a nice, succulent barbecue.

Have fun and bon appetit!

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